For a record produced mainly in a member’s apartment, West Virginia’s A Story Told has crafted one of the catchiest, most energetic pop rock albums of 2017: Good Looks.

Their sound on this new record appears to show that the band has found their sound, and molded it in such a way that pinpointing it to a specific era or artist who influenced it is almost an impossible challenge. It is safe to say though, if you are a fan of Paramore’s new record, or are a fan of Fall Out Boy or PVRIS, you are going to enjoy this album.

Good Looks takes listeners through feelings of adventure, confidence, and a sort of blend of angst for change with nostalgia (among other things). It’s the perfect album for those who still want to experience summer, as the leaves start to fall from the trees.

Their sophomore effort is set to drop tomorrow, October 13, and pre-orders are available now on their website.

Be sure to catch them on tour with 7 Minutes In Heaven later this month.

Check out: Good As Gold, Feel Bad, ‘99 Benz


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